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Safer Internet Day 2024 – Why cyber security is important for protecting young people

Today is Safer Internet Day (SID), a global annual initiative focussed on celebrating and reaffirming our commitment to keeping children safe online since 2004.

iMeta helps people upskill in cyber security, but we rarely discuss the positive impact that cyber security has on society. We’re all about the ‘how’, but what about the ‘why’? In our view, cyber security is vital for protecting the most vulnerable internet users, including young people. Safer Internet Day provides resources for businesses and organisations to help them ensure young people are safe when navigating their websites, apps and internet products.

Safer Internet Day is an internet-positive movement that wants the internet to remain accessible and helpful to young people. By listening to young people’s perspectives on new and emerging trends and technology, catering for what young people want to see online, advocating for policies that make change for the better, and monitoring what influences and changes the ways young people think, feel and act online, supporters of SID believe that the world can make a safer internet that is a force for good.

This year’s theme for Safer Internet Day is “inspiring change, making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online.” The internet landscape is evolving at a faster pace; new applications and AI technologies are changing the way we interact with each other and create content on the internet, and new trends and influencers are dictating content quality and popularity.

To keep apace, it is crucial that we all remain engaged users of the internet, and keep our eyes open to every development made. This includes regular review of cyber security practises that protect young people’s data and privacy, so they can navigate the internet in peace.

Cyber security policies and practises are a core part of keeping children safe online. You can find out more about SID and how to get involved here: United Kingdom – Safer Internet Day


Molly Forsyth

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