Supply Chain Policy

iMeta Training is committed to working with other high-quality product and service providers who share similar values and commitments towards their customers.

We shall be a company that:
• Maximises value by effective management of our supply chain.
• Maximises efficient delivery of goods and services.
• Balances commercial risks and opportunities.
• Complies as a minimum with all relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and other requirements applicable to management of the supply chain, whilst ensuring through its procurement contracts, that the supply chain remains compliant, in particular, with health, safety, quality and environmental requirements.
• Ensures value for money through appropriate use of competition in the supply chain.
• Complies with the Bribery Act 2010 and the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and requires the highest professional ethics, standards and conduct both of itself and of the supply chain.
• Deliver a programme of Supplier Relationship Management, work collaboratively with those key/strategic suppliers that are vital to our success, and maximize the potential value of those relationships.
• Drives, through supply chain management, a robust continuous improvement and learning culture that learns from internal and external experience, critically assesses our performance against high standards, and supports growth and development.
• Regularly monitor and record the quality and value for money of our supply chain using the Supply Chain Quality Register.
• Provides value for money, based upon lifetime cost concept.
• Operates a transparent make-buy process to achieve the most cost effective solutions.
• Ensures that all goods and services purchased conform to specified requirements at the point of use.
•Develops a capable and sustainable supply chain and which minimises barriers to entry.
• Deals with suppliers in a manner which is non-discriminatory; provides for equal treatment; is open and transparent; provides for mutual recognition and is proportionate to the nature and value of articles being procured.
• Conducts procurement to pursue social, economic and environmental objectives.

Supply Chain Policy v1.0

Date created: 13th November 2023

Owner: Mark Williams

Version No: v1.0

Date last reviewed: 13th November 2023

Date next review: 13th November 2024