Creating Employable Tech Talent

iMeta Training, an EdTech company on a mission to disrupt the tech sector with challenging, engaging and highly selective learning experiences that are developed and led by industry experts to create employable tech talent and bridge the diversity gaps in the tech sector.

Our Mission

To create a more equitable and diverse tech landscape in the UK by providing underrepresented communities with access to transformative, industry-aligned IT education. We equip learners with the cutting-edge skills and practical experience required to not only secure employment but also thrive in the dynamic world of technology..

Our Vision

To become a recognised leader in the UK for closing the digital skills gap and fostering a diverse and empowered tech workforce. We envision a future where technological advancement is accessible to all, and individuals from underrepresented communities are at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the digital world.


We actively seek diverse voices and perspectives in our curriculum development and remove barriers to entry for learners from all backgrounds.


We measure our success by the positive career outcomes of our graduates and engage with employers to ensure our programmes meet industry needs.


We incorporate the latest technologies and industry trends into our constantly evolving curriculum, to create a dynamic learning environment that prepares learners for the most current iteration of the IT industry.


We go beyond teaching technical skills by fostering soft skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. We want our graduates to be confident and capable of taking ownership of their careers in technology.

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